Dr. Tony Zera

Dr. Tony Zera Dr. Tony Zera
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Dr. Zera's Curriculum Vitae
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Synopsis of research interests

Overview. My research focuses on the physiological, biochemical and molecular bases of adaptation. In a nutshell, I am attempting to identify how physiological mechanisms which regulate growth, development and reproduction are altered during the course of adaptive evolution. Since graduate school I have been working on two interrelated problems: (1) the evolution of the endocrine regulation of development and reproduction in insects, and (2) the physiological basis of life history evolution, especially life history trade-offs. This research has resulted in the first detailed synthesis of evolutionary genetics and endocrinology and has been supported continuously by NSF during the past 15 years. This research is highly interdisciplinary, combining aspects of quantitative genetics, endocrine physiology, enzymology, bioenergetics, metabolic biochemistry, and most recently, molecular biology. Most of the work is done on wing-polymorphic crickets of the genus Gryllus and closely related species.

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iconEvolutionary Endocrinology - Hormones, Life-histories and Dispersal

iconEvolutionary Endocrinology of Juvenile Hormone Esterase

iconBiochemistry / Physiology of Life History Trade - Offs

Selected Publications

Current Grant Support

NSF-ECOLOGICAL AND EVOLUTIONARY PHYSIOLOGY. The Metabolic/Biochemical Basis of Life History Variation and Trade-offs (10/98- 9/03)
tabSupplementary awards: Three REU

NSF-ECOLOGICAL AND EVOLUTIONARY PHYSIOLOGY. Morph-dependent cyclic JH titer in a wing-polymorphic cricket: Adaptive significance and underlying causes (6/1/02-4/31/05).

NSF-ECOLOGICAL AND EVOLUTIONARY PHYSIOLOGY. Physiological and molecular causes of genetic variation/covariation in endocrine regulation. (1/1/03-12/31/05; I am PI, coPIs: Dr. John Oakeshott, CSIRO, Australia; Dr. Larry Harshman, Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska

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